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Direct approaches on how companies and markets interact on the international scene and the impact of their strategies on the world. Focus on international companies, executive MBA programs and corporate events. Expertise in Latin America, its business and geopolitical environment.

My target in my researches and conferences is the understanding of the following questions: What to expect from the market in the next few years? How will the business ecosystem, together with public power and consumers, react to the new challenges that arise? What influence will these changes have on the future of businesses?

Evodio Kaltenecker is responsible for research and executive education in several international programs in management. Visiting International Faculty at the Instituto Tecnológico de Ensino Superior de Monterrey (Mexico), Faculty at the Global Executive MBA program at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Guest Lecturer at the Management Center Innsbruck (Austria), Guest Lecturer at EGADE Business School (Mexico), Research Fellow at the Emerging Markets Institute at the Cornell University (USA), and Faculty at the BBS Business School (Angola).


Communication accessible to all audiences. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.


Strategic decisions that directly influence the business opportunities of companies.


Market trends and corporate behavior in the current and future scenarios.


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